Monday, April 24, 2006

Speak a lot in Camelot

Reuters has this video clip on Kyŏnggi-do Province's [Gyeonggi] recently opened "English Village" in P'aju [Paju], north of Seoul.

The emphasis appears to be on English as visitors must pass through what looks like a British fortress to get in. I hope the place is actually heavily fortified, since P'aju is not all that far from the DMZ. I guess they can try to keep the North Koreans away if they insist the DPRK soldiers speak English.

DPRK OFFICER[angrily pointing gun] 문 빨리 열어!

ENGLISH VILLAGE EDUTAINER[slowly, as if speaking to kindergarteners] I'm sorry, can you say that again in English?

DPRK OFFICER[frustrated, and still angry] 문 열으라니까!

ENGLISH VILLAGE EDUTAINER[patiently, with mock look of confusion] I don't understand what you're saying. Try again in English.

DPRK OFFICER[shoots English Village Edutainer]


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