Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Tokyo's foreign ministry calling it like they seem 'em?

From Yonhap:
The Blue House reacted sensitively today (Wednesday) to an alleged Japanese government report forecasting that Roh Moo-hyun will never give up his anti-Japanese hard-line policies to avoid being seen as a lame duck president.

Chong-wadae deputy spokesman Choi In-ho said that, "The presidential office is now conducting fact-finding through diplomatic channels." He added that if the report is found to be true, the Blue House would "take stern diplomatic countermeasures."

He also said that the report, allegedly issued by Japan's Foreign Ministry, was taken very seriously at the daily morning meeting of Blue House staff and that the priority for now is to confirm whether such a report exists.

The alleged classified Japanese report, disclosed by the vernacular daily JoongAng Ilbo on Wednesday, downplayed the Roh government's anti-Japanese policy lines and suggested they were politically motivated.

It reportedly predicted that the Roh regime is expected to stick to its anti-Japanese hard-line policies during the remaining two years in office in order to help overcome the president's low approval rating.
With this I wholeheartedly agree. And the good news is, it really isn't working. But then there are some things in the report that are just plain silly.
It even described the South Korean government's recent opening of its East Sea islets of Dokdo to tourists as an act of violent demonstration and predicted that the Roh regime would continue to fan nationalism using the Dokdo issue.
Tourism is an act of violent demonstration? Oh, I hope they didn't really say that. Anyway, Yonhap reports that a deputy ministry spokesman, contacted by Yonhap News Agency's branch office in Tokyo, said he will not comment on the alleged internal report because of its sensitivity. The spokesman supposedly also refused to comment on whether such a report existed or not.

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