Friday, April 5, 2013

Hackers take over North Korea's Twitter and Flickr accounts?

Supposedly, the "hacktivist" folks at Anonymous decided they need to do a hack job on a whackjob, so they took over the official social media accounts run by Pyongyang and posted something a tad embarrassing, like the artwork above.

From the Los Angeles Times:
A group of hackers claimed it broke into North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr social media sites Thursday.

North Korea’s Twitter account, which normally posts articles and bellicose rhetoric from the regime in Pyongyang, included tweets reading “hacked” or “Tango down.”

The government’s Flickr account included a picture of leader Kim Jong Un with a snout and pig ears and a Mickey Mouse image on his torso. The post included text reading "threatening world peace with ICBMs and Nuclear weapons/wasting money while his people starve to death."

The government’s accounts reportedly stopped sending typical content.

The suspected postings from the hackers included the statement “We are Anonymous.” Anonymous is the name of a hacking group. A statement allegedly from the hackers reportedly said they had acquired member information from some 15,000 accounts on the government’s and other websites.
At right is another image that the group claiming to be Anonymous claims to have posted on North Korea's Flickr account. (The Washington Post tries to debunk these claims.)

While this is somewhat amusing, I'm more interested in the 15,000 accounts that they claim to have broken into. While I normally don't support identity theft, I wonder what kind of palace intrigue and other political havoc could be wreaked on the regime with carefully orchestrated posts and tweets. Maybe we should connect Anonymous with a select team of Koreanophonic writers.


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  1. That's no ordinary pig, that's 저팔계 (Zhu Bajie) from 서유기 ('Journey to the West') -- that muck rake he's holding is a dead giveaway. Arthur Waley, in his translation of the novel, renders the character's name simply 'Pigsy', and states that, of the four main characters who symbolize various human traits this one clearly stands for the physical appetites. Which does not sound far off.


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