Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Republicans reach out to Asian American voters with new hires

Korean-American voters, similar to Cuban-American voters, had long been a reliable Republican voting bloc, largely owing to strong anti-Communist sentiment that resulted from South Korea's proximity to North Korea.

That has changed in recent elections, especially because of perceptions that the GOP politicians and their base are largely made up of racist White people who think there are too many immigrants in the United States, so I'm curious to see how well this works out. If the GOP can actually change some of its policies so that this perception disappears, that could work. But if they just expect people to change their perceptions, I think they're doomed to fail.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Republicans reach out to Asian American voters with new hires

As the 168 members of the Republican National Committee head to Los Angeles for their spring meeting - a visit meant to illustrate the party's commitment to broadening its reach even in the bluest of states - Chairman Reince Priebus announced two new hires who will focus on stepping up the party's efforts to engage voters in Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

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