Monday, April 1, 2013

US sends "stealth" bombers to Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong-un plays dress-up.

It looks like we've avoided an Easter attack (slated as a possibility by one analyst on PBS's Newshour), but Pyongyang is ramping up the rhetoric, even declaring a state of war (which already existed, but with an armistice).

Meanwhile, South Korea has vowed to respond to any North Korean attack on ROK territory (unlike what happened when Yŏnpyŏng-do Island was attacked in November 2010). Although few people believe North Korea would actually attack a population center because it would be regime suicide, some analysts worry that a miscalculation from one side or the other could lead to an actual shooting war (see PBS link above).

Amidst all this, the US military is sending F-22 stealth jets to Osan Air Base in central South Korea.

From Reuters:
The advanced, radar-evading F-22 Raptors were deployed to Osan Air Base, the main U.S. Air Force base in South Korea, from Japan to support ongoing bilateral exercises, the U.S. military command in South Korea said in a statement that urged North Korea to restrain itself.

"(North Korea) will achieve nothing by threats or provocations, which will only further isolate North Korea and undermine international efforts to ensure peace and stability in Northeast Asia," the statement said.
If the goal is to make a belligerent North Korean nervous, maybe you should use fighter jets they can see.


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