Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holding the University of California hostage

But in a good way. I think. Governor Brown seems determined to reverse the trend of balancing the state budget on the back of students (something that's a problem here in Hawai'i as well):
California's public universities could lose out on an extra $125 million in state funds if they hike tuition in the fall under a budget agreement that legislative leaders have reached with Gov. Jerry Brown.
The message is that if voters don't approve a series of tax hikes designed to balance the budget, then the UC gets it (i.e., the proverbial bullet).

The state needs the UC. From Susanville to San Diego, we need educated young people. Ones who are relatively debt-free so they can get on with the business of innovation, entrepreneurship, and public service. Otherwise it's he'll in a hand basket.



  1. "... balancing the state budget on the back of students..."

    It's because too few of them vote. Now, if uni students were as organized as, oh say teachers, firefighters and city worker union members, then politicians wouldn't touch their budgets with a 10 foot pole.

    1. This is true. Still not sure how big a dent they'd make even if they had solidarity.


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