Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If you're bored, why not head to the White House site and sign a few petitions?

Hmm... methinks I deserve a hat tip. (unless the Unix user in Seoul who found this on my blog was not The Marmot). [insert winky icon here]

The Japanese-forced-amnesia versus Korean-emotional-(what's a word for always remembering?) is being played out in the ladle of democracy, the United States of America.

Pick your poison (the text contains the link):

From the western shores of the East Sea, as well as the Jersey Shore...
Preserve comfort women monument as a symbol of bloody history of Korea during Japanese colonization
And from the other side of the Nihon Kai...
Repeal the House of Representatives Resolution 121 to stop aggravating int'l harassment by Korean propaganda & lies!
Note the uncharacteristic lack of emotional restraint represented by the exclamation point.

Anyway, if you're confused about who is supporting what, just take a look at the names in the respective set of signatories (e.g., Yoon hee K, Jinsung J, Hyesung P, etc., versus Kenji K, Otsuka K, Gerry B, etc.).

And remember, your side doesn't get an official White House response unless you hit 25,000 signatures (though the latest birther nonsense, claiming that all birth certificates in Hawaii are suspect because Japanese were buying bogus documents in the 1950s and 1960s, suggests BHO may in fact be from the Land of the Rising Sun and favor Japan over Korea, plus there's a town called Obama in Japan).

Obama visits the Shire.



  1. Thousands of Japanese protest in Japan to demand Japan end diplomatic relationship with South Korea.
    How come these don't make the news?

    1. They don'’t even appear to be prominent in the Japanese news media. Got a link?

  2. The Japanese extremists can try as much as they can. It will only make them look worse.

  3. Here.


  4. Hmm... methinks I deserve a hat tip. (unless the Unix user in Seoul who found this on my blog was not The Marmot). [insert winky icon here]
    Oddly enough, it wasn't me. I found it in the Chosun Ilbo.

    1. Hmm... I wonder if the CSI themselves got it from me. I myself fell upon them only by accident when I was alerted of a completely different petition. That is, it's not like this was some obvious thing that a bunch of people would eventually have written about.

      Anyway, I'm glad I can assume you're still a gentleman of etiquette when it comes to the K-blogosphere and your comments section hasn't rubbed off on you. ;)

  5. Why did you need to post both petitions up?

    1. It wasn't to present them as equals, if that's what you're concern is.

      Obviously I'm far more sympathetic and in agreement with the "pro-Korean" petition, but I highlighted the petitions to show that this issue has invaded yet another online forum — and a high-level one at that.

      And frankly, while I think a concerted response (including the "pro-Korean" petition) is almost necessary in light of recent Japanese diplomatic moves, I think that both sides are misunderstanding and misusing the White House petition process.


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