Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vincent Chin + 30

This weekend marks the thirtieth anniversary of the murder of Vincent Chin, an unfortunate victim of anti-Asian hatred who became a symbol of how Asian-Americans are often viewed by majority Whites (and Blacks) as outsiders and the perpetual "other" in their own country.

The New York Times has an excellent piece on "why Vincent Chin still matters."

This succinct email was sent from my iPad

I'll be writing more on this important issue later (but note here and elsewhere that Vincent Chin is not someone I only just now heard of, and I may have introduced this figure to Sonagi).

Some of my readers may have noticed that a lot of my posts lately have had this "sent from my iPad/iPhone" comment at the bottom. I've been very busy lately, and lately I've realized that if I want to post regularly, I need to send posts on the fly. When possible, I try to clean them up later, but sometimes I just want to get them out there.



  1. I remember when that happened. I even remember the judge's disgusting explanation of the practically nonexistent sentence he handed down to the assailants: "They're not the kind of people you send to prison."

  2. I am a (white) minority in an almost entirely Hispanic neighborhood. On Thursday, just after midnight, some idiots combed through the area repeatedly screaming about, "White power!" I assume they were looking for a fight, or more likely, someone to jump.

    Nasty stuff, particularly when it happens outside your door. We've still got a long way to go.


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