Monday, June 18, 2012

Holy Hau‘ula

Since I'm not yet a dad (as far as I'm aware) and my own family patriarch is thousands of miles away, I decided to spend Father's Day on a North Shore trail.

I'm still up here, and there's no one else up here, so if you don't see any posts within the next 24 hours, alert the authorities, lest I have fallen victim to a wild boar or a serial criminal of some kind.

I made it back down. Didn't see any wild boar or goats, but there was a guy with a machete near the summit, vigorously hacking away at something a few meters off the trail. Since I saw only seven people in the two hours of being on the trail and there was no cellular reception for much of the three-mile loop, I was a tad nervous for a while back there.


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