Thursday, June 28, 2012

Korean church turns wards into plowshares (or something like that)

I guess it's a good things if Korean churches get known for something other than being big or being scandalous. Helping the homeless (and teaching them urban agriculture) is certainly a worthy cause:
A Korean Assembly of God church in Kalihi that currently houses 35 homeless people in tents on its grounds plans to move two dozen of its homeless clients to help run a farm in Waianae Valley in the next several weeks.

State lawmakers who have been wrestling with homeless issues from Waikiki to Kalihi to Waianae had not heard of the plan by Hawaii Cedar Church on Kamehameha IV Road, but offered praise Tuesday after the church's announcement.
Yeah, yeah. Watch me eat my words three or four years later when I end up writing a post on how these homeless folks were used a slave farm labor.

I kid! I kid! (More on this later.)


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