Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Is Mt Paektusan ground zero for the end of the world on 12.21.2012?

Robert Neff at The Marmot's Hole linked to this yahoo's Yahoo! post, about scenarios for the Mayan end of the world this Friday. It's goofy piece, declaring that "die-hard Christians believe that [12/21] will mark the rapture and the beginning of the tribulation" (they don't) and stating that "North Korea is insane as they've ever been, with Kim Jong Il going on daily temper tantrums" (he's been dead for a year and his body is now a tourist attraction).

But it was the mention of the Yellowstone Caldera blowing to smithereens (that's also what you'd call figurines of The Smiths) that got me thinking: What if they've got the wrong doomsday volcano?

Loyal readers of Monster Island (both of you) will remember a lengthy piece I did in May on the prospect of an Earth-changing catastrophic eruption of Mt Paektusan, which is overdue both for its once-a-century eruption and its once-a-millennium cataclysm.

Whatever happens, I'll be in the air when it all goes down. It's purely coincidental, but I'll be flying to California on 12/21. And if the events of the movie 2012 come to pass, a jet five miles up in the sky is the place to be.


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