Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas from Park Geunhye and Moon Jae-in!

As Joshua at One Free Korea notes, regionalism still persists in South Korea [source].

Now, if South Korea is ever able to fix this problem, it should export the solution, because is this really so different from the United States?

Korean regionalism is eerily close to provincial boundaries, but that may be because of the historic and social basis for the provincial borders themselves (which are altered from time to time to reflect demographic changes). The source of the above has a bunch of other interesting depictions of the results.

For getting a feel for the population weight of each region, I like this map used by The Marmot's Hole in this informative post (with Park support in red and Moon support in yellow)...

... and it reminds me a bit of this map depicting how Obama strategy in 2008 focuses on people in urban areas at the expense of rural areas, even in blue states:


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