Monday, December 3, 2012

L.A.Times: Beyond 7 billion: Bending the population curve

Los Angeles times has a fascinating look at the troubles that we face as the planet hovers around 7 billion people. It's a broad discussion that includes talk about family planning and birth control, including one researcher citing South Korea as an example where if you can control the size of families that people want, you can turn a poor country into a prosperous one.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Beyond 7 billion: Bending the population curve

Hunger. Environmental degradation. Political instability. These were among the consequences of rapid global population growth documented in a five-part series in The Times in July. Now, Opinion has invited leading scholars to consider what, if anything, people and governments can do to address the issue. In the brief essays that follow, Malcolm Potts from UC Berkeley sets up the situation we are facing, and population experts from around the globe explain some of the approaches they've seen work — and the reasons others have not. The series, by Times staff writer Kenneth R. Weiss and staff photographer Rick Loomis, can be found at .

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