Wednesday, December 12, 2012

North Korea shoots off another missile, with a trajectory over Okinawa

Why should we care at all if North Korea keeps shooting off missiles and blowing up its nuclear arsenal deep in its own tunnels? We should be applauding this, because it means that they are using up all of their weapons in a bid to get our attention.

North Korea says it is a bid to launch a satellite, but Japanese says it's a missile and it flew over their territory, and this just pisses them off. 

What it does is emboldens the right wing of Japan, which conveniently gets to renew North Korea as a bogeyman. Actually, I sometimes think that's exactly what the North Korean regime wants. Having enemies legitimizes it. So, what should we do? Just say ho-hum, and leave it at that.

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From: CNN Breaking News

North Korea has launched a long-range rocket, according to the governments of South Korea and Japan.

The Japanese government said the rocket passed over Okinawa. The planned launch had been widely condemned by countries including the United States and South Korea, which say it's cover for testing ballistic missile technology. The North insists the launch is aimed at putting a scientific satellite in orbit.

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  1. I'm currently watching CNN on US reaction to the NK satellite launch.

    Americans immediately worry about the likelihood of an NK nuclear strike on the US.

    Just how neurotic is the US?


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