Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Looking for nude pics of Amanda Knox?

Some of you certainly are. At least according to, anyway. Since the girl-next-door cutie and possible murderer has again become a major story this past week, culminating with her 2009 conviction being overturned in the 2007 killing of her friend, I've seen a ten to twenty percent jump in hits to this blog.

And this is because Monster Island, inexplicably, comes in at #7 out of half a million sites if you are googling "Amanda Knox nude." Of course, I don't have such pictures — if I did would I be blogging for Mini Coopers?! — but because there's this post about a nude yoghurt fight listed in the side bar as one containing "nudity" and "nude," it comes up on the list. Not sure why it's in the top one-thousandth of a percent, though.

Of course, searching for nude pics of Amanda Knox may not be all that strange, considering red-blooded American males' obsession with seeing female celebrities naked. What's really weird is when people end up here by looking for something like, say, koala porn.

Sick puppies. Seriously, "koala porn" was just something outrageous I thought of to depict "overly weird," sort of my equivalent of Conan's horny manatees. I had no frickin' idea people were actually looking for things like that. (And Safari, please stop autocorrecting "frickin'" as "friction.")


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