Sunday, September 4, 2011

A little segue into trains...

I like trains. I enjoy the romance of arriving at train stations and the thrill of smooth travel through the countryside.

And in Japan, the warning sound for people at railway crossings, if you hear it while in the passing train itself, sounds like the shreik-shreik-shreik sound accompanying Norman stabbing someone in the shower in the movie Psycho, but that's not what this utterly pointless post is about.

HT to LOTD. While getting the embed code for the train, I ran across this other short film from Japan. Clever in its premise but even more pointless than the first.

Enjoy the weekend! I'll be watching the University of Hawaii football season opener today. In Hawaii we have no pro football, basketball, or baseball teams, so the UH's football and basketball games are our proxy. Everyone on the island gets into it, even if they've never set foot on the Manoa campus. I'll send pictures of the rickety stadium, which, to tie this in with the original theme of the post, looks like it was put together with rusted railway track.


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