Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Starbucks plans a double shot


Still short of their goal of having a franchise in every South Korean living room, Starbucks has announced plans to nearly double its presence in the Republic over the next five years. If all goes as planned, we will have 700 shops in South Korea by 2016, up from the current 370.

At the same time, they're planning to triple their presence in China. Just great. The last thing we need is Chinese Netizens who are angry and suffering from insomnia.



  1. We still don't have one in Yeosu, so I gotta hope we are first on the list (where are all the planned Expo goers going to get their coffee? Angel-in-us? pshhhhh). Got one niche, non-chain cafe here that fresh brews a cup that I would consider being higher quality, but in general I find little that comes close to Starbucks down here for a strong cup of joe

  2. Well, I'll be darned. I looked it up and it appears you're right: there's a Starbucks in Chinju and one in Sunch'ŏn, east and west, respectively, but none in Yŏsu. I would imagine that's on the list.

    The Starbucks I frequent most in Korea are the one in the YTN Building north of Seoul Station, since that's the closest to my apartment, the one on South Post at Yongsan Garrison, the cheapest and quietest Starbucks in Korea (which I used to use as an office; it was next door to Quizno's), and occasionally the ones in Myŏngdong or Shinch'on.

    I used to hang out at the one in Itaewon when I was doing absentee voter registration drives for US citizens, but after a homeless guy came up and grabbed my coffee and walked off with it, I didn't really care for the lively atmosphere so much.

    And what's wrong with Angel-in-us? They're a bit pricey, if I recall correctly, but they have some all right stuff.

    Coffee Bean is still my favorite, but I'm pissed that they removed all the outlets. CB in Hawaii and California still rocks in terms of providing wi-fi and outlets. Even McDonald's in America is trying to turn itself into a hang-out-and-use-wifi location (but no outlets).

  3. I personally find Angel-in-us incredibly overpriced and severely lacking when it comes to just a strong cup of unaltered coffee. Not to mention out here they always seem to be "out" of hand-drip (which I think is code for none of the workers knowing how to hand-drip).

  4. Angel-in-us is like everything else that Lotte Group touches, long on trashy-ness and incredibly short on substance. Sorry about the bitchy comment but its true. My own personal pecking order for coffee houses is: Coffee Bean, Starbucks, whatever independent is nearest me when I need a shot.

  5. Well, I have no strong feelings about Angel-in-us. I visited there only a few times, and it was because they were open late and had wi-fi (my temporary digs in Seoul when I visit has no Internet).

    Taste wise, my pecking order is the same, but if I have to do any work for any serious length of time, Starbucks and CB are reversed.

    I remember when in Seoul there were a couple of Orange County-based Diedrich's Coffee. I think there's a Tully's as well (my Japanese friends love it). I wonder if Peet's or It's A Grind will ever show up in Korea (the latter has a coconut latte I like to have when I visit my auntie in Las Vegas and need wifi).

    Is Seattle's Best still around at all?


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