Friday, September 23, 2011

South Korea still has fastest download speeds

That's what's being reported in AFP:
The United States placed just 26th in the analysis of the speed of worldwide Internet connections conducted by Pando Networks.

The average download speed in South Korea was 2,202 kilobytes per second, Pando said, with Romania (1,909 KBps), Bulgaria (1,611 KBps), Lithuania (1,462 KBps and Latvia (1,377 KBps) rounding out the top five.

Japan was next at 1,364 KBps, followed by Sweden (1,234 KBps), Ukraine (1,190 KBps), Denmark (1,020 KBps) and Hong Kong (992 KBps).

The average download speed in the United States was 606 KBps, slightly better than the worldwide average of 580 KBps, Pando said.
Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Latvia, eh? I woulda thought they'd be more concerned with upload speeds, if you catch my meaning.

Anyway, sad to see that the US's speed is barely one-fourth that of South Korea. I guess that would explain why writing this post took three days.



  1. Well they do download movies and music a lot but all that they download comes from the US or Russia, so I assure you Romanians and Bulgarians rarely care what upload speed their ISP offers ;)

  2. Well, as best as I can tell, they are, ahem, also involved in production.

    Reproduction's more like it, amiright?


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