Sunday, January 8, 2012

Don't trust Americans who speak foreign languages

Well, that seems to be the message of this ad that attacks Mandarin-speaking former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, purportedly by a Ron Paul supporter:

As the Washington Post makes clear, we don't know for sure that this really was put together by a Ron Paul supporter, but given the way no small number of them think, it's not a stretch of the imagination to believe that.

Yeah, it might turn out that this is a not-so-terribly-elaborate attempt to hurt Ron Paul, not Jon Huntsman, but I've seen more ham-handed political ads or acts than this, so for now it seems plausible. What I think is more telling about it is how it underscores this persistent American traits of (a) distrust of those who are smart and well educated, (b) being proudly monolingual to the point that those who are fluent in other languages may be regarded as un-American, and (c) historically and hysterically loathing people from Asia as perpetual foreigners.


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  1. Please look up the meaning of INTERNET TROLL, which describes the poster of the video. I am sorry, but you cannot take every internet post, video, etc., at face value. This being a prime example. RON PAUL 2012!!!


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