Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kim Jong-un caption contest #2012-01

The Great Successor is proving to be quite camera-friendly. He's everywhere and doing everything, apparently taking his cues from the Dukakis '88 playbook.

And all this is just begging to be turned into caption contests, for which I'd say we're well overdue.

I'll start:
"I'm not kidding around, you guys. I'm stuck!"



  1. "P-U! You'd better stay out of there for a while, Comrades."

  2. Too much grass soup last night, I suppose!

  3. Replies
    1. brian dean, there is an eery pre-1970s quality to the photos coming out of there lately. That he seems to be dressed and groomed like his grandfather only adds to that.

  4. "My father lifted HOW many of these over his head???"

    1. Ha ha!

      And whatever the number is, I'm sure Kim Jong-un will be doing twice that by summer.

      If he's still around. ;)


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