Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things kushibo learned today...

Taking a page from Ask A Korean, here are some things kushibo learned today (actually yesterday, since it's now 12:09 a.m.):
  • Hulu gets its name from two Chinese homonyms, one supposedly meaning gourd and holder of precious things (葫蘆), and the other supposedly meaning interactive recording (互錄). I say "supposedly" because this may very well be like how the Chinese word for crisis is the same as the word for opportunity (Crisitunity!).
  • Back in the 1990s, Lisa Loeb informed my aesthetic ideal of nerdy-looking White girls. 
  • The former Surratt boarding house in Washington DC, where the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln took place, is now a Chinese restaurant. (I found this out after looking up The Conspirator, which I saw the night before.)
  • There's a century-old restaurant not far from Union Station in downtown Los Angeles where, until last week, a decent cup of coffee cost 9¢. It's now half a dollar with tax. (The French dip sandwich was also invented there.)
  • Some neighborhoods in Los Angeles, like Echo Park, look a lot like the jam-packed neighborhoods of Seoul. 


  1. Why is there a pic of a woman's butt? LOL. NSFW should be in red.

  2. It's a screen grab from the music video in the George Michael link. That day, for some reason, the rabbit hole brought me to a stash of 1980s music videos.

  3. "Twenty-five years ago, George Michael did an elfin' good job hiding being gay."

    I gotta disagree. It was always clear to me that his exaggerated masculinity was an attempt to hide his sexual orientation. It's not just this video but also how he would attend award and fashion shows with a model on each arm.

    1. Well, when it comes to music videos when I was young, I was just happy to see half-naked women, so I guess his latent homosexuality being masked by his exaggerated masculinity wasn't something I really picked up on.

      And your comment quoting me made me realize Mac OSX Autocorrect changed "effin'" to "elfin'" (and it did it again).

  4. Now I KNOW that your mom does not read this blog :)

    1. When I was in college, I'd have been embarrassed to have my mother seeing a post like this.

      Now, however, I don't really care so much, and she'd probably have been happy to see my interest in women's rear ends means she will have grandkids she can alternatingly dote on and get tiger grandmom on, except Anonymous's comment above may make her worry that my choice of artwork for this post means I am exhibiting exaggerated masculinity.


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