Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Korean woman dies from Mad Cow?

It appears a South Korean woman has become the first person in the country to die from Mad Cow Disease. But it wasn't a Whopper that killed her; it was the use of bovine brain tissue in a complicated surgery that led to her contracting this disease.

From Yonhap:
The 54-year-old was diagnosed with iatrogenic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (iCJD) after her death and is believed to have been infected during a subdural transplant surgery some 23 years ago, according to the Center for Disease Control (KCDC) and Prof. Kim Yun-joon, a professor at Hallym University's collage of medicine.

Kim determined that brain tissue from a cow used in the surgery to treat tumor growth infected her with the degenerative neurological disorder.
Given what we know about how Mad Cow was spread (largely from cows being fed other cows, particularly their brain and spine), I'm surprised they were using brain tissue from a cow for this type of surgery, as Yonhap is saying happened (the Wikipedia link on Lyodura says it was obtained from human cadavers). If so, it will be a big mess as they try to figure out who else in South Korea was exposed to Lyodura in 1987.

Over at ROK Drop, commenters are suggesting the chinboista leftists won't let the surgery angle get in the way of blaming this on American beef.

While I find that plausible, I should add that it's the Australians who are really behind the anti-American Mad Cow hysteria.


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