Sunday, November 6, 2011

See the ROK in your Chevrolet (redux)

I was all set to write a story on how Chevrolet turned 100 and that makes the former Daewoo Motors one of the oldest automakers in the world. And then I caught the above NBC Nightly News story on the same topic and head anchor Brian Williams saying this:
Ah, the late, great Dinah Shore helping us tell you Chevrolet turned a a hundred years old today. And while not what it once was, it's still an iconic brand name. It's the only ake of car mentioned in 700 separate songs. And while it admittedly rhymes easier than Kia or Hyundai, there is something about that brand.
Interesting. Not only because Brian Williams (inadvertently?) mentioned the top three Korean automakers (how many realize GM Daewoo is now Chevrolet and an important part of GM's global strategy?), but because it got me wondering just what kind of song you could get with a Kia as the star.
Her name was Mia.
She drove a Kia.
I asked her on a date and she said, "See ya!"
Okay, that's the best I could come up with at a traffic light (I was listening to the news on my iPhone).

Hyundai's even harder, though it cleverly rhymes with Sunday (and Monday). I s'pose a spoof on driving in Seoul could be entitled "Just another manic Hyundai."
It was a Sunday.
I drove my Hyundai.
I was with my honey and I knew we'd have a fun day.
Okay. That's the best I could come up with at the next traffic light (lots of traffic lights in Honolulu). And apparently I'm channeling a snippet of a classical music piece played with violins whose name I cannot recall.

To be honest, forcing songs to rhyme with car names makes for some very contrived lyrics. I mean, there aren't a lot of words that rhyme with Chevy. There's heavy, bevy, and, most famously, levee.


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