Thursday, May 3, 2012

$4.049 billion, at least

I've never really been able to get behind Lone Star's sob story, about how mean old South Korea was out to get them — clearly because they're furriners — and all they were trying to do was just help out and make an honest buck.

Y'see, they made four billion bucks, and they may not have been of the honest variety. Sure, the sob story goes, Lone Star's man in Korea and the company itself got in legal trouble over stock price manipulation, but that's just part of the xenophobia in the Korean business world.

The take-home message: Stay away from Korea, or else you, too, might end up making $4 billion.

Anyway, those were my thoughts when I read that Lone Star is now suing the Korea Exchange Bank in a Singapore court for $49 million in operating costs of some kind. Greedy.


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