Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Kor for Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I thought the above snapshot of the Korea Times, juxtaposing the picture of Bill Murray and Girls' Generation with a headline about bullying, was rather amusing. I'm easily amused.
  1. Senior diplomats from US, Japan, and South Korea urge North Korea to forgo nuclear tests (UPI, NYT, LATAP via NPR, CNNYonhap, Korea Herald)
    • South Korea's nuclear envoy calls on North Korea to "take a different path" (Yonhap)
  2. South Korea poised to stop oil imports from Iran beginning in July (Reuters, WSJ)
  3. South Korean climber Song Wonbin among four confirmed dead on Mt Everest (AP via WaPo, AFP, CNN)
  4. ROK Defense Ministry says it is trying to forge military pact with China to soften Beijing's anger over similar pact between South Korea and Japan (Yonhap)
  5. Leftist environmental group issues report saying a radiation leak at Pusan's Kori-1 reactor, the oldest in South Korea, would kill up to 900,000 people and cause 628 trillion won in damage (Yonhap, Korea Herald)
  6. Japanese scientists predict 99% likelihood Mt Paektusan will erupt by 2032 (Chosun Ilbo
  7. ROK government to set up five-year plan to better deal with bioterrorism threat (Yonhap, Korea Times)
  8. Confused Catholic cardinal calls for buoyant Buddha's Birthday in unintentionally alliterative announcement (Korea Times)
  9. Korean American artist Ahea buys abandoned French hamlet for God only knows why (AP via WaPo)
  10. Were al-Qaeda messages hidden in Sunday's solar eclipse? (FoxNews)


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