Saturday, May 5, 2012

Coffee porn

I'm in the middle of an intense week to ten days, so there might not be much posting besides food porn like this venti sized coconut mocha frappucino that is half off at Starbucks every day from 3 to 5 from now until May 13.

My busy weeks have me living in and on Starbucks and/or Coffee Bean.

I would also like to not that my iPhone keeps autocorrecting "porn" as "pork."

This succinct email was sent from my iPhone.



  1. Your iPhone is just trying to keep you decent.

    1. I think so. But it apparently doesn't know "pork" is a euphemism for having coitus.

      Sure, "coffee pork" doesn't make much sense, but "the porn industry" and "the pork industry," if you are so salaciously minded, are near synonyms.

      Or maybe that's a Valley thing.


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