Thursday, July 26, 2012

I guess all those Koreas look alike

Can the London Olympic organizers get anything right?

The North Koreans reacted the way I
might if people think I'm a Canadian.
After all the flap over security mismanagement, now we get word that they mistakenly displayed the South Korean flag on a jumbo screen instead of North Korea's before a women's soccer match Wednesday.

As you can guess, this didn't elicit smiles and chuckles from the North Koreans. In fact, it prompted them to refuse to take to the field for nearly an hour.

The London organizers have since apologized, but it may be too late: Pyongyang has already threatened to cut off relations with London, said in a signed KCNA editorial that the Queen looked frumpy, and demanded food aid.

Son Kwangho: "We are the DPRK, you running dog bootlicker! Not ROK. We are democratic... and people's! Oh, just you wait... someday we will have missiles that reach Shetland Islands. Then all your ponies are belong to us!"


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