Friday, July 20, 2012

Well, that certainly Samsucks for Apple...

In the latest in the ongoing Apple-versus-Samsung war, the two frenemies (frenemies because they compete with each other but Samsung also supplies many of the components in Apple's most coveted products), a judge in the United Kingdom has told Apple to run ads saying that Samsung did not copy the iPad.

From Reuters:
Apple has been instructed by a British judge to run ads saying that Samsung did not copy its design for the iPad in the latest twist in the ongoing patent battles between the two tech giants, according to Bloomberg.

Judge Birss, who ruled last week that Samsung did not infringe Apple's designs because its Galaxy Tab tablets were not "as cool" as the U.S. company's iPad, said Apple should publish a notice on its website and in British newspapers to correct any impression that the South Korean company copied Apple, Bloomberg said.

The notice, which is in effect an advertisement for Samsung, should remain on Apple's website for at least six months, the report said.

The judge, however, rejected Samsung's request that Apple be forbidden from continuing to claim that its design rights had been infringed, saying that Apple was entitled to hold the opinion, the news agency said.
As a long-time Apple user but also a Seoulite who recognizes that Korea's fortunes rise when Samsung does well, I don't know which side to take in this battle. While Samsung's tablets look like Apple's tablet, I'm not really sure how different you can make a tablet look.

Anyway, as I'm wont to do in any post involve Apple getting some unexpected news, I'll end this post with, "How do you like dem Apples?"


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