Thursday, July 26, 2012

Next season on “The Bachelor”...

Whoops! In my bleary-eyed state, I read "Kim Jong Un Married" as Kim Jong-un unmarried."

North Side Story... wait, no... A Korus Line! [source]

So forget the entire rest of the post, although if I changed a few things here and there, it could apply to a North Korean leader looking for a mistress. I mean, just how many mistresses did Kim Jong-un's father have?

Anyway, while I debate removing this post entirely, I would like to point out that my earlier point still stands regarding how woefully inadequate our knowledge of North Korea is compared to how much the South Korean media pretends to know.

Anyway, I'd like to know more about the young woman married to the Young General. Perhaps she is a wise woman who can temper any similarities he might have had to his father, and guide him in a way that actually betters the plight of the people.

CNN is reporting that North Korea's Radiant Leader is confirming that an eligible bachelor (as opposed to a married ajoshi on the prowl who cheats on the side).

Now I find this funny, not only because "confirmed bachelor" was code back in the days of Madmen for a closeted Homersexual (autocorrect likes that word), but also because it's amazing how much the South Korean side claims to know about this young man whose name they had for years gotten wrong in Korean (they thought, based on the "un" spelling that he was 김정 instead of 김정).

Anyway, if Fox had cojones the size of beach balls, they could really have marriage to The Young General be the prize for a season of The Bachelor.

Holy(sh¡t) matrimony.

And y'know what? I'd bet they would get lots of people willing to be the eligible bachelorette. Yeah, I have that much faith in humanity.


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