Saturday, July 14, 2012

The most disturbing thing I've seen today

Well, other than the GIs with the full arm tattoos at the bar we went to this evening, it's this plastic surgery advert I've seen in the subway and on buses.

This is just extreme. Moreover, it's a blatant message that if you don't live up to some impossible ideal, you're kinda sorta worthless (or at least worth less) if you don't fork over millions and millions of won and mutilate your face.



  1. I've seen more disturbing ads for plastic surgery. One stated something to the effect of, "The place where the girl that took your last boyfriend went for plastic surgery."

  2. I like the advertisement where the "before" plastic surgery engagement ring is small and the "after" plastic surgery ring is a lot bigger.

  3. Another interesting thing about plastic surgery. It's cheaper than regular surgery. Let me explain. Because regular surgeries have insurance and government reimbursement to fall back on, there is little incentive to be efficient. Whereas in plastic surgery, the payor is almost always private and out of pocket. There is tremendous incentive to be cost effective. A decent boob job can cost as little as $4k, whereas a surgery in a regular hospital that requires just as much work and invasiveness costs about $40k.


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