Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cleveland rocks

Okay, so the Los Angeles Times had an article last week on the dearth of families on TV that look like the Obamas. My whiskey-tango-fu¢k* moment came when the article talked up the Family Guy spinoff "The Cleveland Show" as one of the few remaining Black families on TV:
Though the development season is in full gear, there does not appear to be on the horizon a series that would take up the cultural torch of "The Cosby Show," the groundbreaking comedy featuring what conservative commentator Karl Rove on election day called "America's First Family." The only African American family that would anchor an upcoming major series is animated -- "Cleveland," a spinoff of Fox's " Family Guy."
Again, I reiterate: Whiskey-tango-fu¢k?!

Never mind that anything coming from the culturally corrosive Family Guy is not something to hold up as a role model of anything. Instead, let me point out that Mike Henry, the guy who voices Cleveland, is White. 

Having a White guy voice a Black character on Family Guy isn't quite Amos & Andy, since the Cleveland character doesn't really rely on a stereotypical or caricatured Black image, and all of the White characters on the show are just as obnoxious and/or clueless.

But holding this up as as successor to The Cosby Show? Come on! Did LAT writer Greg Braxton even bother to look this stuff up?

[above: The cast of "The Cleveland Show." The daughter, by the way, is totally hot. For a cartoon, that is.]


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