Friday, December 5, 2008

Person on the street: How do people in your country feel about the election of Obama?

In a landslide seven-point margin victory, Americans have chosen Illinois junior senator Barack Obama to replace the highly unpopular George W. Bush for control of the White House and the free world.

Americans (at least 52.9% of them) are certainly giddy as a schoolgirl, but what does the rest of the world think about the election of Senator Obama to the nation's highest office?

We are ecstatic. Completely ecstatic! And why wouldn't we be? The American infidels have finally come to their senses and have chosen to follow a great leader and a true Muslim: the righteous one, Osama!
— Amnon Dayfallah (carpet bagger*), West Yemen

Most everyone in Kenya is quite happy. Sixty-three percent of all Kenyans are a brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, aunt, uncle, half-uncle, half-aunt, cousin, half-cousin, double cousin, first cousin once or twice removed, niece or nephew, great aunt, great uncle, or second cousin of Barack Hussein Obama, so we are excited. I myself am his half-niece and his fourth cousin, and I know seven of his grandfathers.
— Melinda Mgobo (school teacher), Kisumu, Kenya

With a 'B'? Are you sure?
— Amnon Dayfallah (carpet bagger*), West Yemen

I have read in many websites that if the Democrats gain control of the White House and both chambers of Congress, Latin Americans would have free rein in the United States, San Diego would be ceded to Tijuana, and America would become a Spanish-speaking vassal state of Mexico. So I am just counting the days until inauguration.
— Blanca Hernandez (jeweler), Distrito Federal, Mexico

It is good. A Black man in the White House means one less Black man roaming the streets when I visit America.
— Liu Jianzhong (government trading corporation vice representative in charge of international copyright infringement protection), Zhuzhou, China.

We are excited. Whenever one of Oprah's favorite things gets elected president, we are excited.
— Moeko Minami (kimono model and playwright), Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

It depends. Does this mean that the bombings will stop?
— Sajida Rishawi (domestic engineer), Baghdad, Iraq

All across South Africa, people are overjoyed. Well, no, let me rephrase that. I'm overjoyed. That's because everyone I meet thinks that I'm Obama, so I've been getting laid at least twice a day since the election. 
— Jackson Mokoena (cricket supplies dealer), Johannesburg, South Africa

November 4th was truly a great day. Ever since Obama was elected, my life has become a thousand times better.
— Amitabh Sharma (outdoorsman), Nainital, India

*He literally puts customers' carpets into bags at the checkout counter at a Walmart in Al Hudaydah. 

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