Sunday, December 7, 2008

Honolulu or Seoul?

It's sort of eerie. I often pass by these apartments that are just off Interstate H1, a bit east of downtown Honolulu. What's weird is that the apartment to the left looks almost exactly like the apartment I own in central Seoul. Same color and everything. Probably just as ridiculously expensive, too.

Oahu has some beautiful places, but Honolulu itself has some drab, cookie-cutter apartment blocks that are not all that attractive. Many parts of the city are a veritable concrete jungle, à la Seoul and many other East Asian cities. Not that I dislike Seoul or Honolulu, but they could do a little better to make high-density housing look a little more attractive. Well, actually, South Korean cities are doing a lot better lately with that: it would be better if they look more like Fukuoka than, say, Taipei (no offense, Taipei). 

And plant more trees!

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