Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let's be honest here: Under Saddam Hussein, would he have had the luxury of an extra pair of shoes he could toss away to make a political statement?

Holy crap! This man did what loads of people around the world (including many Americans) wish they could've done. I hope when this guy gets out of prison he still has motor function in both his arms so he enjoy all the drinks folks will be buying him for the rest of his life.

Say what you will about Korea and its supposed high level of anti-Americanism (which is not that high compared to many other US allies), but I can't imagine this happening in Korea. 

Two things I noticed about Bush when the shoe was thrown at him. First, that famous smirk never left his face. Maybe he thought it was an old Yale prank. 

Second, he has good reflexes, especially for someone in his sixties. See, kiddies, this is one of the benefits you get when you quit drinking. 

The video below is of the same incident, but provides more newsy context. I like newsy context. 

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