Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Setting up Obama for embarrassment

Obama smokes. No, I don't mean to say something along the lines that he rocks or he's hot. I mean he puts tobacco products in his mouth and lights them up. Sometimes. Rarely. Less than before. Or so we are led to believe. 

The thing is, there's a no-smoking policy in the White House. Fine, as President, he could get around this, but now President-elect Barack Hussein Obama has gone and told NBC's Tom Brokaw, during Meet the Press, that "you will not see any violations of these rules in the White House."

Great. This is after he admitted to having "fallen off the wagon" a few times. 

President-elect Obama is shaping up to be a very good and thoughtful national steward. He is surrounding himself by qualified people who know their shitstuff and are basically scandal-free. The biggest criticism of his appointments so far is that there are so many from the Clinton administration. (And since when did the Clinton administration become the bad administration? Have people been asleep for the past eight years?). 

You see, the problem is that Obama's squeaky cleanness is going to make us forget how bad an administration really can be (invading another country on trumped up evidence, botching emergency preparedness and letting a thousand die in the aftermath of a major hurricane, mishandling post-hostilities occupation of another country because you failed to listen to your own military people, ignoring evidence of a major terror attack, eroding civil rights and Constitutional guarantees of freedom, stripping away environmental protections to aid big business, failing to give proper oversight to the finance sector of the economy who you let write legislation you later signed, etc.; or that other guy who lied about getting a blowjob—what a horrible president!). 

Instead, sometime in the next two or three years, someone somewhere will reveal (in pictures or in book form) that Obama is actually smoking in the White House, and we'll come down and say what a terrible hypocrite he is and his popularity will plummet—even if he's doing an excellent job. 

By the way, it was then-First Lady Hillary Clinton who set up the no-smoking ban in the White House. And it is an object lesson about how bans and restrictions can have unintended (and often unforeseen) consequences: Once Bill was no longer able to light them up, he had to find other uses for his cigars. 

[above: Yeah, it looks pretty stupid even when he does it. Well, at least he's not a coke head anymore (or a drunk driver). Boy, it really sounds like I don't like this guy, huh? But I do! I think he's great! Just stop smoking! I'm in the medical field so I have to say that! It's the law! Why am I using exclamation points?! By the way, there is no truth to the Internet rumors that his cigarette always points toward Mecca.]

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