Sunday, December 12, 2010

White Christmas in Hawaii?

Two days ago there were flash flood warnings on Kauai. And then yesterday it rained something fierce here in Oahu. As that wet weather made its way southeastward, it dumped a whole bunch of snow on both Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, the two volcanic peaks reaching 13,796 and 13,679 feet respectively (just over and under 4200 meters) that form the Island of Hawaii, the US's largest island.

This view of Mauna Kea from the National Oceanic and 
Atmospheric Adminstration webcam on top of Mauna Loa 
shows snow on both Big Island mountains this morning. 
A winter storm that moved past the islands overnight 
left several inches of snow on Hawaii's highest peaks.

It's kinda pretty, and if it sticks around, I may be tempted to head back to the Big Island come Christmas (I was there in May), just for the novelty of enjoying a white Christmas in the Aloha State. (Kushibo is too busy with school-related responsibilities to make it to California or Seoul this holiday.)

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