Friday, July 1, 2011

The Big Ko-tuna

Oh, look. He's waving at us.

Someone off Cheju-do caught a huge frickin'-ass tuna.

From the Joongang Daily:
Chefs yesterday lift a giant bluefin tuna to divide into pieces at a tuna restaurant in Chonggak, central Seoul. The tuna, which weighed 350 kilograms (772 pounds) and measured 270 centimeters (8 feet 10 inches) long, was caught off the shores of Cheju Island.
Frankly, I wouldn't want to eat any of that thing. Something that big has been around for a long time and has probably consumed high amounts of stuff you don't want in your system. In fact, if they don't nickname him "The Big Ko-Tuna," I vote they call him Freddie Mercury.

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  1. Ah, toro belly meat at $15 a tiny slice. I consider the mercury an added extra... :)


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