Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The yanks are coming: AP pulls Pyongyang's faked flood photo

I'll write more on this week-old story when I'm in front of a computer, but for now I'll write that I find it encouraging that the Associated Press is willing to poke Pyongyang in the eye by yanking propaganda pictures.

If we end up with more and more "telling it like it is" stories and photos from AP's new Pyongyang bureau, that's a good thing.


  1. Do you think this actually could have been an attempt by AP to put the story out there first, then show they wouldn't be willing to submit to the DPRK's blatant propaganda? It certainly received more attention that way.

  2. I was in fact thinking something similar. I don't envy AP's situation, being torn from both sides: critics for them cavorting with the enemy on the one and then the onerous regime that could kick them out (or worse) on the other. This move, without any explanation, could show they're in control without stepping on the toes of anyone important.


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