Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daily Kor for Sunday, July 17, 2011

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It's a light news day, so let me take this chance to talk about something only peripherally related to South Korea: Tokyo will go ahead with its bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics, something that was in doubt after both the tsunami and nuclear disaster earlier this year (well, the nuclear disaster is still going on), followed by South Korea getting the 2018 Winter Olympics, which would hurt Japan's chances if the IOC sticks with the "continental rotation" scheme (they didn't with Sochi, Russia, in 2014, which follows London in 2012). Good luck, Japan!
  1. International Bobsled and Skeleton Federation (FIBT) endorses proposal for South and North Korea to field joint team at 2018 Pyongchang Winter Olympics (UPI, Korea Times, Yonhap)
    • Kushibo's note: Maybe this is just one elaborate escape plan, using bobsleds
    • Korea will spend 550 billion won in run-up to Pyongchang games in order to promote winter sports (Chosun Ilbo)
  2. Sweden to offer $2.94 million in medical aid to North Korea (Korea Times, Yonhap)
  3. Drowsy driver crossing bridge in southern city of Sach'ŏn smashes car into hikers, killing four (Yonhap)
  4. Gold reaches record high in Korea of 217.8K won per ton (Yonhap)
    • Kushibo's note: That's a Korean ton (돈), which is only 3.75 grams, not an English ton
  5. North Korea reports that homes have been destroyed, farmland flooded, and some lives lost following a second day of heavy rain (AP via WaPo)
    • Rains bring fresh concerns about food supply in North (Yonhap)
  6. Three more North Korean players fail doping tests at FIFA Women's World Cup; North Korean team blames musk deer medicine (Reuters, AP via WaPo, Bloomberg)
  7. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announce faking of second pregnancy (Reuters)

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