Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A demographic milestone in California

The New York Times reports on a USC (University for Spoiled Children of Southern California) study that says "for the first time in the state’s modern history, a majority of young people in California were born here:"
A majority of these young people, the study says, are sons and daughters of baby boomers, an “echo boom” born after their parents came here to fill plentiful military and aerospace industry jobs, or to flee Rust Belt recession. About 27 percent are children of immigrants who arrived in record numbers from Latin America and Asia in the 1980s, says the study, which analyzed data from the Census Bureau.
Though I was born in California, a slight majority of my age cohort was not.

[left: Jessica Alba was born in California. Hers was the most suitable picture in my "born in California" Google image search.]

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