Thursday, April 30, 2009

Due diligence

The library is full of people busy studying all the stuff they should have been reading the past few months.


  1. What are you studying, Kushi? What will your degree be in? What were your previous degrees in?

  2. I'm doing PhD work focusing on public health and the social underpinnings of health issues, mainly focusing on Korea, particularly women's health issues.

    But my coursework have made me interested in branching out, either in my dissertation or my future work, to "cultural competency" as it relates to getting proper bilingual and cross-cultural care for Korea's growing international population (English speakers, Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asians, etc.).

  3. I've already got a graduate degree in Korean Studies, which I pursued while working full time, just because my work already had me doing a lot of the knowledge gathering I would need for the degree. As an undergrad, I was a social science major and a biology major, going toward premed.


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