Thursday, April 9, 2009

OC crime blotter

Orange County can be a dangerous place. 

The man on the left, Jonathan Huyhn or Mission Viejo (south Orange County), has been arrested for strangling to death the woman on the right, Cal State Long Beach nursing student Kate Sue Yi. 

The woman at left, 46-year-old Mary Sharpski of Huntington Beach (coastal Orange County), allegedly conspired with her lover, unemployed security guard Michael Shores (below, left) to kill Sharpski's husband. The Sharpskis apparently had allowed Shores to live with them after he lost his job. Shores repaid the kindness by having an affair with Mrs Sharpski and then helping hire a butcher, Antonio Ortega (below, right), to kill Mr Sharpski with a machete. 

Mr Sharpski was cut up pretty bad, but his "curdling screams" during the 3 a.m. attack alerted the neighbors who called the police. It helps that in Orange County  the cops usually come quickly (offer not extended to Santa Ana or Midway City). 

The only way this story would be any better is if the butcher were named Sharpski. Or if the actual victim had not been injured in any way. 

The man at right, 27-year-old Brian Powers, was found dead at Angel Statium in Anaheim (central Orange County) following a game with the Oakland A's. Witness say Powers was fighting with another man when a third man came from behind and punched his head, causing him to fall and hit his head on a concrete step. 

Police are looking for two men around twenty-five or thirty, both with goatees. Good luck with that. 

In the last year, I've been to a Dodger game and a Padres game. The Dodger game was a lot of fun, but rather chilly for a May evening. The Padres game involved the section next to us getting sh¡t-faced drunk, not just on the overpriced beer but on the hard liquor they snuck inside the stadium. By the eighth or ninth inning, this large group was throwing around the Padres bags we'd been given as promotional items, eventually throwing them and garbage into the stands below

When security came up to sort this out, we got out of there quick. A large fight ensued. Kinda makes Korea's thunderstix seem kinda tame by comparison. 

Expect this OC blotter to be a regular feature. My goal is to get people to think twice before they move to Orange County. It's way too crowded as it is and the home prices are still to high. Maybe by showing everyone what a sh¡thole this paradise really is, I can drive down home prices and finally be able to afford one myself. 

In all seriousness, though, my heart goes out to the families of the victims here. Losing a family member or loved one is always a tragedy. But when someone in the prime of their life is killed, it's all the more senseless and tragic. 

Kate and Brian, requiescant in pace.

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