Thursday, April 23, 2009

Korus FTA developments

After one month's absence, Ben in Alaska has updated his Korus FTA-related blog, pointing out a little bit of "progress" and movement.

I'm still torn as to whether to call it ROK-US FTA (that's a lot of caps), US-ROK FTA (again with the caps), KORUS FTA, or Korus FTA. I've always been partial to ROK-US FTA, just because you can say "Rock us, FTA!" like the FTA is the drug-addled lead singer in some sort of superband, circa 1987. (Or, we're anxiously awaiting the passage of the FTA so that it will stimulate — or rock — our economy.)

By the way, light blogging ahead as a I have some visitors and a lot of work to do. If the sun comes out, we'll hit Hanauma Bay. If not, then it's off to Pearl Harbor.

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  1. i, personally, am thinking of falco's 1985 hit 'rock me amadeus'.

    come and rock me, FTA


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