Friday, April 3, 2009

Person on the street: What are your thoughts on North Korea's alleged missile tests?

Although North Korea insists it is sending a satellite into orbit, the rest of the world believes they are actually test-firing a Taepodong-2 missile. This has caused great concern in Seoul, Tokyo, and Washington, especially since this missile's range covers all of Japan and parts of the US, namely Guam, Alaska, and Hawaii.

So, Monster Island asked world leaders and everyday people this question: What are your thoughts on the North Korean missile test?

All I can say to punk-ass Kim Jong-il is this: "Bring it on!"
Heh heh. Just kidding.
That would be a terrible way to run a foreign policy.
— Barack Hussein Obama (chief executive), Washington DC USA

That depends. Will these missiles be able to reach Wasilla or Juneau?
— Mitt Romney (former governor), Boston, Massachusetts USA

What that man said just before.
— Clifford "Cliff" Cybulski (telemarketer), Daly City, California USA

Living with the knowledge that at any moment the lunatics running the asylum in Pyongyang could rain death and destruction all around you by pushing a few buttons? Welcome to my world.
— Myojung Kim (shopkeeper), Seoul, South Korea

If this is what they do with their money, I'm going to stop buying Korean barbecue.
— Glenda Larch (homemaker), Madison, Tennessee USA

Ah, hell. We here in Hawaii are resigned to our islands being the catalyst for America's entry into great wars that define it as a nation. Besides, the national memorial we'll get as a result could be a boost to flagging tourism. Just try to hit the far side of the island this time.
— Linda Lingle (governor), Honolulu, Hawaii USA

I can see North Korean missiles from my house!
— Sarah Palin (governor), Wasilla, Alaska USA

I think North Korea's Dear Leader is simply a misunderstood person who is unfairly demonized by the West. I'm sure it's really a satellite that they're putting into orbit, just like the Korea Central News Agency has maintained all along. And I will kill anyone who insists otherwise.
— Joe Blog (just regular guy), Anytown, USA


  1. Ha! These were hilarious.
    By the way, as if you needed another Joe Blog to point it out, but NK is obviously doing this as free advertisements for their missile capabilities. Their target audiences: any terrorist group or nation, or desperate country. Since you can't make a TV commercial about missle technology, why not use the world's media outlet to advertise that you have the technology. Any takers? Missile technology, now available for a great price! Hey, Muslim nations! You watchin' this??

  2. I think you're right about them getting free advertising for their missile capabilities. But I wonder how effective it is when they still have trouble delivering them to where they're supposed to go.

    I'm not worried — yet. Just slightly concerned.


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