Sunday, April 26, 2009

Japan, by the way, is also wired

The Japan Times has an interesting op-ed on whether its ninety million online citizens (a milestone it passed at the end of last year) are happier and better off being by being connected:
If not reading or shopping, most Japanese probably lose themselves in fantasy sites, video games or other escapes. Fantasizing is quite human of course, but when the fantasies are delivered pre-formed without the active work of the imagination, there is cause for concern. Young people especially need face-to-face time with real live human beings, not just with uploaded photos and lines of text. If not learned and practiced, the social skills of intuition, empathy and body language, all with their unique Japanese patterns, may start to fade away.
Sounds a bit like editorials coming out of Korea from time to time.

Hey, you Japanese (and Koreans), get off the computer and go out on a date! Your population pyramids are turned on their frickin' head!

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