Monday, April 27, 2009

LAT on Roh's legal troubles

In case you've been having trouble keeping up with the daily barrage of developments in former South Korean president Roh Moohyun's legal troubles, John Glionna of the Los Angeles Times (on the front page, no less) sums it up for you:
The onetime human rights lawyer and judge is the third South Korean president since 1995 to face a corruption probe after leaving office. He is suspected of soliciting $6 million in bribes from a shoemaking magnate that were allegedly paid to his wife and son.

Roh, 62, has acknowledged that his wife accepted $1 million from footwear manufacturer Park Yeon-cha but denied involvement in any influence-peddling. He has characterized the $5 million his son received from Park as an investment loan.

The former president was summoned to meet with prosecutors on Thursday. Recent postings on his website suggest he is already appealing for public sympathy.

"What I have to do now is bow to the nation and apologize," wrote Roh, who served as president between 2003 and 2008. "From now on, the name Roh cannot be a symbol of the values you pursue. I'm no longer qualified to speak about democracy and justice…You should abandon me."
No worries, Mr Roh. I abandoned your mercurial ass in 2005. And I'm pretty sure that much of the rest of South Korea did so about that time, too.

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