Friday, April 3, 2009

News links for April 2-3, 2009

1. Korea experiences 38% drop in foreign direct investment (FDI) for first quarter as investors are battered by global economic crisis (Chosun Ilbo)

2. Eleven of thirty tested Korean baby powder products found to contain asbestos-tainted talc imported from China (Joongang Daily). Big brands Agabang and Johnson & Johnson found to be free of asbestos.

3. South Korea and European Union fail to conclude free-trade agreement, must seek permission to proceed with FTA talks (Korea Times)

4. Female lawmakers from ruling and opposition parties band together to fight sex scandals among politicos (Korea Times)

5. Budget carrier Jin Air announces its first international flights, to Thailand and Macao (Korea Times)

6. Idiot tax revenue Lottery sales jump 12% in first quarter as public seeks any way out of financial crisis (Korea Times)

7. Hyundai Asan president Cho Kun-shik visits North Korea over Hyundai employee detained by DPRK (Nasdaq)

8. United Nations razes Tokto (Takeshima) to end Seoul-Tokyo territorial dispute once and for all (AP)

[above: What's that guy in the yellow pointing at? Does he think we don't see that something's going down right smack in front of our eyes? Does he think we're stupid?]


  1. for some reason i think 'raze' is an understatement when you blast entire islands out of existance

  2. I always thought "raze" was an understated word for a powerful concept: completely flattening something.

    My bigger concern was that a good proportion of English speakers don't actually know what "raze" means... "I don't get it. They're making the rocks higher?"


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