Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christine Ahn at TMH and OFK

above: Christine Ahn.
Well, the glasses don't look KJI-like.
I think North Korea sympathizers should
be required to wear Dear Leaderhosen.
Both One Free Korea and The Marmot's Hole have posted about Christine Ahn's piece in the New York Times in which she uncritically parrots Pyongyang's party line on actions taken by Washington and Seoul. Ms Ahn is a favorite target of Joshua at OFK, and one has to stop and wonder at the resilience of her willful ignorance at the nature of the DPRK regime.

In fact, I've been wondering if she is not a bought-and-paid-for chinboista, part of a deliberate campaign by North Korea to soften views in the West and get people to question a hard-line approach to this murderous regime, à la Song Duyul (송두율, Song Tuyul in M-R), who was seen by many progressives as a fair-and-balanced critic of both North and South but who eventually admitted he had received $150,000 from Pyongyang, though he denied the intent of the money.

Of course, that's just speculation. I have no reason to believe that's true except for the uncanny way in which she sounds like she's getting her talking points from the KCNA. Being a Berkeley liberal can lead one to question media sources from one's own country, but geez, it should call for you to do the same with the press elsewhere, no?


  1. As in the female incarnation of Soviet apologist and journalist Walter Duranty?

  2. B.R. Meyers makes a strong case that North Korea should be viewed as an ultranationalist right-wing regime. I wonder if Ahn and her fellow travelers could be convinced to view the DPRK as such and scorn it as reactionary.

    This of course assumes an interest in facts that is not evident in her work.


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