Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Q&A on the Kim Yuna-Brian Orser split

And by "QA," I mean quirky answers.

Read this interview with a member of Yuna Kim's management team and tell me Ms Choi wasn't plucked from a personnel management position at a hagwon somewhere.


  1. After watching this sport, that I never knew existed outside of strip clubs starring talented young women or Chippendales men, I've lost a lot of respect for skaters of all disciplines. Besides having a rather "fat" man doing amazing things (participant #2), #3 does things equal to, or even better than, what Kim Yuna did in the so-called recognized Olympics. And even the music seems catchier than any Olympic theme I've ever heard. If I was an Indian, I might start believing that the Olympics are more than a little biased if this isn't part of the next games. As it is currently, they can’t actually compete in the “winter” version since their population of well over one billion is being discriminated against just because they don’t have a winter season.

  2. The 2007 Mallakhamb Rope Championship was just as impressive, with #3 executing a phenomenal dismount while exposed to the elements in the very midst of a brutal Indian winter, and , again, the choice of music was another winner.

  3. You do realize that there are people pushing for "poledancing" to be made an Olympic event, right?

    More power to them.

  4. Yeah, I knew that "pole dancing" (of which I'm only familiar with the clothing-optional type), was making waves for inclusion. I just didn't know that there is a "real" sport also involved along those same lines (thicker wooden pole for the men and ropes for the women) with some actual "real" athletes. The second guy in the first clip reminds me a bit of Sir Charles --not exactly your prototypical streamlined athlete.

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