Sunday, August 1, 2010

The pornification of Korea

We already have the pornification of America, but the pornification of Korea (YouTube video at 3:00) is well underway. (See The Grand Narrative for further examples; no specific post, just the blog in general.)

Geez, I'm not that old and I remember when Korean TV networks wouldn't even show people kissing.

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  1. I think the real problem is that there is no separation of between the formal and informal contents. For example Korea Times and Chosun Ilbo regularly write about nude topics with much enthusiasm. I can't imagine the New York Times or the BBC doing that.

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  3. How about the 13 year old girl about 3/4 through the clip copying Hyun-ah's dance moves? Never thought I'd see something like that on Korean TV!

  4. well, there are definitely too many of them, am not even sure of they can distinguish soft-spoken and bedroom voice!

    i've seen this one, it grossed me out as she's nowhere near graceful (yes, me and my search for good dancers!), but they loved it anyway.

    is there any other way these people will get how good dancing works without stripper moves? Goodness, an 11-year-old kid was dancing like a stripper on a variety show (with the old people singing)!

  5. If I may put in my two cents about the hair... I think most Asian women DO NOT look good with blond hair. There are not too many Asians who can pull it successfully. Just like when Asian guys die their hair blond, it makes them look like male prostitutes.

  6. Sorry..."dye" their hair blond.
    Oh, and btw...the dancing is ok...I think it's kind of hot. =)

  7. She was dancing the prescribed dance to her song. It is very difficult of pop stars to deviate from the dances that they do for their songs. Watch this clip from last Friday and look at the woman with the scary white hair and blue body suit. Another band asked her to come out onstage for a last song montage 0.53. At 1.00 minute she doesn't know what to do. At 1:25 she is doing the dance from her own song. Then she finally gets it and just tries to make up her own dance.

    Now with your link above, it seems that the point of having her dance was to talk about sexy dancing, which is a rather common topic of discussion for talk shows that feature thirty or so celebrities sitting in chairs or on the floor with a host. Then she just did the dance that goes with her song. I don't know if this is any kind of pornification, just a recycling of the popular culture.

  8. Oops should have given a link:


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